Social Media Alternatives (Debate)

Unlike Us #2: Understanding Social Media Monopolies and Their Alternatives
Session 5: Pitfalls of Building Social Media Alternatives (Debate)

Carlo v. Loesch/lynX (DE) from Secushare
Conference Day 2: March 10 2012 Amsterdam, 13.30 – 15.30

Most applications have become dependent on Internet servers with serious man-in-the-middle privacy implications. You might expect in the year 2012 we should have technology that allows us to deliver messages or data between phones and computers in absolute safety, but this isn’t the case. Exchanging keys is a hassle, protocols are inefficient and side effects of encryption need to be considered. Secure Share intends to provide a new communication paradigm for the Internet as it enables applications to interact securely between the personal devices of people while letting servers be of occasional help in an innocuous way. It combines a flexible and efficient social communications protocol (PSYC2) with an advanced encrypted routing technology (GNUnet). One such application for this would be a social platform equivalent to Faceboogle, but distributed and encrypted straight from your phone or desktop. In this workshop we’ll try to get some undeniable privacy onto our phones and laptops for a start.

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