FYI PPI’s GA2012

PirateStreaming @ GA2012


Important times and places:
Friday, 19:00, U peronu, Nadražní 40, Prague 5 — Friday social event
Saturday, 8:30, The Hub Prague, Drtinova 10, Prague 5 — Start of day 1
Saturday, 16:00, The Hub Prague, Drtinova 10, Prague 5 — Cory
Doctorow’s keynote address (free entrance from 15:50 to 15:55)
Saturday, 20:00, U peronu, Nadražní 40, Prague 5 — Saturday social event
Sunday, 8:30, The Hub Prague, Drtinova 10, Prague 5 — Start of day 2
Sunday, 17:00, The Hub Prague, Drtinova 10, Prague 5 — Rick
Falkvinge’s keynote address (free entrance from 16:50 to 16:55)

Considering the number of people that are registered for the
conference (290), logistics of the open space is going to be
difficult. Therefore, we will be making a list of topics for the open
space during the first two hours of the conference, while the new
members admission process is under way. Please prepare to assign your
proposals into one of the following categories a project such as
Pirate newsletter or translation task force, a campaign such as
anti-ACTA campaign, anti-data retention campaign or an issue to
discuss such as how to get girls in the Pirate party or medicinal
cannabis. The organization team will then assign a time and place for
each of these proposals.

Please bring with you the national flag of your country and a Pirate
flag of your party for decorations.

Catering won’t be available at the conference venue, however, a one
and a half hour break during lunchtime will be allocated and you can
also bring your own food with you or order pizza, etc.

If you didn’t already pay the registration fee, that’s okay, you can
pay it in cash on the spot. You’ll be given a receipt upon payment of
the money.

An unexpected thing happened with the “ensure my anonymity” choice. An
enormous amount of people have ticked this option. This option was
meant only for people that could get killed because of being seen on
such a conference. If you don’t fear for your life, we implore you


For those interested in the PP-EU session, there are two proposals of
a common declaration (not necessarily mutualy exclusive) to start off
the debate. Feel free to read them and give them some thought.

Proposal #1 by Jerry Weyer of PP-LU:

Proposal for timetable for Pirate Party Europe/EU session at the
Pirate Parties International conference in Prague on April 14th-15th.

15.00 – 16.00 & 16.30 – 18.00 (Saturday)

Roadmap till EU elections 2014 – how should European cooperation
between Pirate Parties look like?

In this panel the participants should discuss and decide:

A) Do we need/want a Pirate Parties Europe/EU (PPEU/Europe)?

Would it be advantageous to work towards a structured Pirate Parties
Europe/EU (PPEU/Europe) before the 2014 elections or cooperation
between European Pirates Parties should be managed without a formal

B1) Roadmap on setting up PPEU/Europe

What will be the concrete steps to set up PPEU/Europe? Discussions
should focus on the most pressing needs to set up the desired
structure. Depending on previous discussions these should include:
planning of a European Pirate conference

planning of specific workgroups/taskforces in view of formal
foundation of PPEU/Europe organisation (f.ex. statutes preparations,
legal considerations)

Independent of discussing the formal structure of PPEU/Europe the
setting up of a workgroups/taskforces to coordinate the 2014 EU
elections should be discussed quickly and in more detail during the
open space part.

Following the discussions on the concrete steps to increase European
cooperation between Pirate Parties deeper discussions on proposals for
formal structure op PPEU/Europe can be discussed if the time allows
additional purpose of PPEU/Europe (EU institution lobbying,
cooperation with other EU parties, etc.)
membership structure (Parties and/or individuals, EU or Europe,
countries or regional Parties)
voting rights and procedure (direct democracy or delegates, inclusion
of individuals, observer members or MEPs)

or (based on outcome of A)

B2) Roadmap on increasing and managing EU/European cooperation within
Pirate Parties without formal structure

Discussions should focus first on setting up workgroups/taskforces to
coordinate the 2014 EU elections. Secondly it should be discussed how
cooperation can be increased further without structured body:
helping new and emerging European Pirate Parties
organisation of European workshops/conferences
increase communication between European Pirate Parties

C) Discussion and signing of common declaration

Sunday: Regardless of panel outcome, in the open space part talk about
Common EU principles and program
EU elections 2014 campaign


Proposal #2 by Jakub Michálek of PP-CZ:


Pirate Parties intending to run in the Election of the European
Parliament declare the common intent
a) to create a common basis of the election program,
b) to coordinate their election campaign in an informal way, and
c) to cooperate closely in the European Parliament on the realization
of this program if elected.


The commons basis of the election program shall be fashioned and made
public on the Internet. In the common basis of the election program
the sovereignity of each participating party shall be fully
acknowledged, it will have the option to change its position at any
time, and only the proposals that it expressely supported shall be
attributed to it.

The common basis of the election program shall consist of proposals
created by the participating parties that will be ranked according to
the number of participating parties that expressely support them. The
proposals that are expressely opposed by more participating parties
shall not be in the common basis of the election program.


The campaign shall be coordinated by the MEPs of the Pirate Parties.


The participating parties agree to establishing the Pirate Parties
Europe as a political party at European level pursuant to the
Regulation (EC) No 2004/2003 of the European Parliament and of the
Council of 4 November 2003, as later amended, once the prescribed
conditions are met.


/huggs from Prague 😉

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